Transiting Vesta in the 9th House

Vesta transiting the 9th House

I was invited to talk about astrology to a group of 9th – 12th grade students as transiting Vesta came into a conjunction with my 9th house Uranus. It was a remarkable experience. The students asked questions that led the conversation more to the story of my life, than astrology as a subject of study. My attitude is that astrology is a great tool to help a person navigate life, so it was a natural flow of conversation. I was able to answer their insightful questions frankly, without dodging the difficult and sometimes painful answers. I feel like transiting Vesta set the tone, making it possible for it to be an uplifting experience for everyone (especially me.)

Natal Uranus in the 9th house often appears in the charts of astrologers (the 9th house having to do with wisdom and the higher mind, and Uranus being connected to astrology and other esoteric subjects.) My natal Uranus is in the 9th house, conjunct my Moon in the sign of Cancer. Transiting Vesta recently moved into the sig