Relationship Astrology

The Astrology of Relationships

Relationship astrology fascinates me. I love examining the charts of two (or more) people to see how they connect. When a stranger asks me “I’m a (fill in sign here)! What astrological sign should I be looking for in a partner?” There is no definitive answer. Many times, I’ve been told something to the effect of “my parents were Gemini and Pisces and that’s not supposed to work, but they were happily married for 50 years”, or I’m supposed to be with a Capricorn, but I never get along with them.” I’m never surprised by this, because contrary to the cartoon version of walking up to someone and asking “What’s your sign?” that is simply not how astrology works.

When I see your chart, I can tell you what to look for in another person. When I see both charts, I can explain in detail how you fulfill each other’s desires, what you are likely to disagree on and what is easy for you together. The charts can tell if a relationship is short lived or long lasting, if it is likely to be sexual or platonic and if you really want a traditional partnership or need to redefine what you’ve been taught is the right way to connect with another person. When I look at the charts of a group of people (usually a family) I can see the dynamic between them and how it