Summer Solstice 2023

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is Wednesday June 21st 2023

The Sun is one of the most important planets in astrology. When the subject of astrology comes up almost everyone knows their Sun sign. The Sun is a fiery, yang energy and is the symbol of one side of the primary duality. In a chart, the Sun represents the self, the ego and consciousness. The Sun is an archetype of will, power and desire; the hero, bringing order out of chaos through imposing his will. Someone with a strong Solar influence in their chart tends toward authoritativeness, ambition and dignity. When badly aspected, the influence shows arrogance and undue bossiness. The Sun indicates physical and psychological energy in a chart and poor aspects to the Sun can show illness, weakness and lack of vitality.

There have been solar deities throughout recorded history. The Sun is often depicted as traveling through the sky in a boat or a chariot. It is easy to picture the Sun on a slow journey, getting more distant each day, until the Winter Solstice when it slowly moves closer, in a perpetual cycle.

When the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer it is the astronomical beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the “longest day of the year”. After this, even though